Dear Madame/Sir


I send you 2 different papers, 1 in English and 1 in Greek, concerning an innovation in the Greek Language, hoping that you shall get a glimpse of these works, out of  love for Κnowledge and Philosophy.

This innovation concerns all Humanity and it is about the "Greek Alphabet Code" of Simaioforos Theologos.

In a few words, this Code reveals secret meanings and information that are "locked" in words, names, myths and ancient or even biblic scriptures. 

The "philosophy" of the Code starts by the idea that everything is Light and has been created by Light (Spiritual and Solar), so we, the Mankind, are "trapped" Light and when we talk, we emit Light. 

The vowels of the Greek Language are 7, as much as are the rainbow colours and the notes of music, so when we speak Greek we emit light in the whole light spectrum (that the human eye can capture).

According to this Code, there are 24 meanings, one for each letter of the Greek Alphabet, so by using this Code, we go, deep down, in the primary qualities of light that constructed the words, giving us cosmogonic, theological, philosophic and scientific information.

The paper, in Greek, analyzes the system of this Code and connects Plato's «Cratylus» and«Theaetetus» with "the Greek Alphabet Code" of Simaioforos Theologos.

Plato realized that, if a word means something and a syllable means something, then also the letters that consist a syllable or a word, mean something, but he couldn't find out, what.

He had suspicions and theories, but he didn't get to the bone...

It seems that this Apocalypse was to be revealed in our times. I hope you will find it interesting, as much as, we do!  

With respect

Foteini Tyraski

and the "Greek Alphabet Code" Team